Cruising weekend!

After getting the boat put back together from the water maker install, we took her out for a weekend with friends.  Our plans was the head over to Port Madison friday night, anchor out with some friends, do the PMYC regatta sat morning, then heading to Poulsbo and meeting a larger group of friends at a Sloop Tavern cruise.

Sadly, there was not really any wind on friday, so it was a motor over to Pt Madison.  We then made a nice dinner and ended up spending most of the night on our friends Jen and Ben’s new Wasa 38.  As we joked the next morning, although the wind was light on the way over, a rum squall came through as soon as the anchor was dropped!  🙂

The next morning, two other boats that were rafted up to us left and proceeded to get ready for the race, we attempted to start the engine and realized that we ran out of fuel the night before.  Ironically, Lauren woke me up a little earlier that usual asking me why the boat was cool and the thermostat was blinking.  Opps!  I knew we hadn’t calibrated the new empty level on fuel tank sender that was replaced when I repower last fall.  Guess I now know that 1/8 tank on the gauge is actually empty…

We ended up having a nice sail back to shilshole, to the fuel dock, and then sailed back to where we just left to head for Poulsbo.  This did require us to not participate in the race, which was a bummer for both of us.  We were sure that we confused a few people as we sailed right pst the start and kept on going while we should have been in sequence!  Even though there was a nice breeze that day, I didn’t want to temp the gods and have no engine for the sail through Agate pass later, where you can see 4+ kts of current.  I even through in a person-overboard drill for Lauren while we were sailing back, which she did expertly.

We then had a nice evening and dinner in Poulsbo and came back WAY to early sunday morning so we wouldn’t be fighting that same tide on the way home.

All in all, a nice weekend which was really needed after too many hours of boat projects!

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